Generic Levitra: Effective and Safe Male Strength Assistant

If you are in search of an effective and safe drug for the treatment of impotency or weak erection – choose Generic Levitra! The most modern technologies used to create this medicine will help solve the problems of inability to have sexual intercourse or insufficient hardness of penis. After using the pills, Generic Levitra enhances brightness of sexual sensations, increases penile sensitivity and boosts the flow of blood to it making erection strong.

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Generic Levitra Vardenafil

Generic Levitra is a drug used to treat impotence in men with varied degree of ED. This molecule is famous for its mild action and major health benefits in men with comorbidity conditions, including diabetes.

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Quick fact:
Onset time: 40-60 minutes
Duration of effects: 4 hours
Most common side effect: Less occurring

Generic Levitra Indications

Generic Levitra is a synthetic drug that is used by men to restore normal sexual life. It is used for therapy of patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction and experience difficulties during sexual intercourse. Generic Levitra helps to restore potency and promotes psychological liberation. The main active ingredient of this drug is vardenafil. This is a safe agent that has been repeatedly tested in clinical trials. The desired effect was achieved in 95% of patients. Men who have difficulty with sex are interested in how long Generic Levitra acts. In this aspect, it surpasses many alternative remedies. The drug is effective 15 minutes after taking the pill. And an hour after use, a person who takes it feels the maximum effect of the product. For the drug to work, you need sexual arousal. The time of manifestation of Generic Levitra slows down if a patient ate fatty foods.

How Long Does Generic Levitra Work?

In most cases, the medicine is effective for 4-5 hours. But some men note a longer performance. The duration of action is usually 12 hours, and directly depends on the dose used, food and individual susceptibility to the components of the drug.

Composition of Generic Levitra

The basis of the drug is vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate. It can be contained in an amount of 5, 10 or 20 mg. The auxiliary components of Generic Levitra include crospovidone, magnesium stearate, and colloidal silicon dioxide. And the coating consists of additional elements, the set of which can be different and depends on specific generics.


Generic Levitra has a number of advantages, among which is speed of action. The drug is effective within 15-30 minutes after administration. A man returns a persistent erection, thanks to which he can restore normal sexual life.

Generic Levitra Contraindications

Before using the medicine, you should find out Generic Levitra’s contraindications. The drug should not be used by patients who have individual intolerability to its components.

Generic Levitra is contraindicated in the following cases:

For any other diseases, you should consult a doctor for advice.


Generic Levitra adverse effects are very rare and temporary. In most cases, patients do not experience problems with the drug and are happy with its tolerance. The most common reactions of the drug include minor headaches, dizziness, nausea, rhinitis and dyspepsia. They are observed in 2-10% of cases. Significantly less often (0.2-1%), men experience back pain, drowsiness, blurred vision, watery eyes, angina pectoris, arterial hypertension and other unpleasant reactions. Patients using the drug to improve erection rarely complain of sleep disturbances, fainting, skin rashes, which is common when taking alternative drugs.

What doctors say

“Most patients just ask about Viagra, and not everyone knows about the existence of Generic Levitra brand. But the medicine has long been known as a more effective alternative to Viagra. Original tablets are manufactured by the famous pharmaceutical company Bayer, which first produced aspirin, and I think Levitra brand is a better option for treating impotency and other abnormalities in men’s sexual life. It has a more pronounced effect on the vessels of genitals, and at the same time has a milder and longer effect. Generic Levitra is optimal for the course treatment of men who have difficulties in the sexual sphere. Another weighty argument in favor of this drug is a significantly smaller number of fakes. Generics available on the market have shown themselves to be the best. It is also very important that the drug does not affect the PDE11 enzyme so that spermatogenesis is not inhibited. From all of the above it follows that Levitra based on vardenafil is one of the best drugs for phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. That is why Levitra has flattering reviews from doctors.”

Thomasz Lubyak, andrologist

“Generic Levitra without a doctor’s prescription is always a bad option. I highly recommend consulting a specialist before using the medicine. If you buy a substitute in an unknown online pharmacy, make sure that it contains vardenafil in the right dosages. I safely recommend Indian generics of trusted pharmaceutical companies, but it is often difficult for a patient to understand the full variety of brands and names. But if you have enough money, the original drug is always better. This is rarely talked about, but it is highly discouraged to take pills if you intend to drive after that. Although cases of strong psychological effects of Generic Levitra are recorded extremely rarely (less than 0.2%), the possible effect of vardenafil on attentiveness should be avoided. This is a precaution, not a contraindication. In any case, read the instructions for use. If you are taking the pill for the first time, do not be too careful with the dosage. It is perfectly acceptable to start with even a quarter of the pill. If you want to achieve a cleaner result, drink them with plain water. And remember that without the necessary sexual arousal, the drug will not give any result.”

Philip Andrews, sexologist

“It is very important to consider the contraindications of doctors when using Generic Levitra. If there are problems with heart, eyesight, kidneys or liver, the use of medications to restore potency is not recommended. After taking it, you should feel the effect within half an hour. If the results are insufficient or absent, consult your doctor to check if the increase in dosage is required. But if the daily norm of 20 mg does not help you, you should think about changing the medicine. If you are allergic or suffer other chronic diseases, you should consider the advisability of taking the drug. When undergoing treatment with nitrates, antiviral and psychotropic drugs, it is contraindicated to take Generic Levitra tablets. Doctors’ reviews of Generic Levitra are mostly positive. But some colleagues prescribe dietary supplements and other alternative medications for erectile dysfunction. Personally, I recommend taking the original drug or its safe generics. If you buy online, make sure that the seller has the necessary certificates. Basically, I prescribe a medicine for men who are not able to maintain the necessary level of erection. This greatly interferes with sexual intercourse and significantly affects the quality of life.”

Jack Lewis, urologist

Overdose and its Symptoms

One-time dosages of up to 80 mg and multiple doses of Generic Levitra up to 40 mg, carried out as part of a four-week course, were tolerated by healthy test men without any particular side-effects. But when taking vardenafil in doses of 40 mg twice a day, pain in the back was observed, although there was no toxic effect on the muscles and nervous system. How to protect yourself from overdose? Optimum dose is no more than 1 tablet, once every 24 hours. In case of an overdose, it is worthwhile to carry out standard therapy.

Do I Need a Prescription?

Original Levitra tablets manufactured by Bayer are sold in pharmacies only with doctor’s prescription. Generic Levitra without a prescription is available in online stores. But before using the drug, we strongly recommend consulting a doctor in order to avoid possible side-effects. This is especially important if you are taking other medications or are having health problems.

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