Generic Viagra Sildenafil

Generic Viagra is an erectogenic agent improving penetrative hardness of the penis and erectile consistency for a period of 4 hours, with dramatically decreased refractory time.

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Generic CialisTadalafil

Generic Cialis provides a symptomatic treatment for ED with a therapeutic window of 36 hours; the drug’s effects are not inhibited by meals or alcohol consumption.

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Generic Levitravardanafil

Generic Levitra is the mildest-acting oral drug for erectile disability that restores sexual function with efficacy and safety unmatched by any other ED treatment for 4 hours.

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Generic PriligyDapoxetine

Generic Priligy is the first oral medication that guarantees a 30% increase in the duration of intravaginal latency time; used in men affected by premature ejaculation syndrome.

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About Canadian Family Pharmacy

Make your choice and we take care of the rest

Canadian Family Pharmacy from the very beginning was conceived as an online drug store to provide seamless service for families. We keep this in mind while selecting a range of products for sale and developing our website. Unlike many stores that specialize in particular segments of the pharmaceutical market, we offer a wide spectrum of medications for the whole family.

We are a customer oriented team where every member does his (or her) best to satisfy our clients and meet their expectations. Our pharmacists always monitor the market to fill up our stocks with the last advances in the industry, as well as with generic drugs saving your budgets. Our logistic specialists constantly improve storage and delivery processes to reduce delivery time and expenses. Our customer service is always ready to answer your inquiry and to deal with your problems. We are proud that for over a decade we have been working we have got recognition from our customers as a reliable and affordable pharmacy for families.

We Do It for You

We sell all the main classes of medicine including:

  1. We carefully select the suppliers to provide quality medicine. With us, you always stay safe.
  2. We offer you the best prices you can ever pay for drugs from trusted manufacturers.
  3. We deliver worldwide in the shortest possible time. Our transportation rates are flexible and much dependent on the amount of your order. The more you order, the less you pay for delivery.
  4. We keep your confidential data safe and never share it with third parties unless it is necessary for delivery process.

We Do It Smart

There are a few things that make Canadian Family Pharmacy special compared to hundreds of thousands of other online drugstores.

Competency. We are not new in selling drugs online, so we can do it better than many newcomers to the industry being tempted with easy profits. We have a team highly professional both in medical and technical areas, which make us responsive to all the requirements and demands.

Attractive prices. We do not claim we are the cheapest in the market, as the prices and quality are interrelated, but saving is our passion. We never include unnecessary expenses to our prices. At the same time, if we can offer you low-cost alternatives without compromising quality, we always do it. Being an independent seller we are not attached to the famous brand names or interested in promoting overpriced medications. That is why we can give you the best quality at the optimal price.

Quality assurance. Our team includes QA department and every new supplier is undergone to the checkup procedure in which we check all the areas including quality, financial procedures, delivery practices, etc. We also do chemical analyses of medications to avoid counterfeit or low-quality medicines.

Stock items. We keep bestselling medicines in stock to provide the shortest delivery time. In case you need a special and rarely bought medicine, we can deliver directly from our partner warehouses to reduce the time of delivery.

Canadian Family Pharmacy Is at Your Family’s Service

shiner teamUnderstanding your needs is what makes our services convenient and easy to use. Our website is specially designed so that you can find the required medicines quickly, as they are divided into categories. Alternatively, you can use our search by drug name.

We are happy to be your family consultant and help you not to get lost in numerous options. If you do not know which medicine to buy, our customer service will help you. You can contact us via a website contact form, use our Live Chat or give us a toll-free call (for the US customers).

Health Care for Kids and Adults

We offer you comprehensive service both for children and adult. Our team includes a GP who can consult you on medications for pediatric use. Quite often, you can use the same medicines for adult and kids for such issues as flu, nasal congestion and other minor issues. The difference is only in the dosage. Some medications can have age limitation, so you always need to read a medical leaflet that comes together with medication before giving it to your child. In case you are not sure, please consult your family doctor.

We also have a choice of medicines for geriatric needs, even if they are highlighted in a separate category. We have drugs for diabetes, mental illnesses, sleep aids, cardiovascular diseases, and others.

We also sell men’s and women’s health products, including ED drugs and female sexual dysfunction medicines. We understand a delicacy of those issues and are on guard of your privacy starting from keeping your personal data safe and finishing with delivery in a package with no labeling on the outer side.

Self-Medicate or Visit a Doctor?

Currently, you can see two opposed trends towards self-medication equally promoted in the media: